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Spank the Monkey

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Spank the Monkey


Spank the Monkey is an addictive and hilariously entertaining online game that will put your reflexes to the ultimate test. Prepare to embark on a comical journey where the objective is simple yet delightfully absurd: spank the monkey as fast as you can!

In this fast-paced game, players are greeted with a mischievous monkey that appears on the screen, taunting you with its cheeky grin. Your mission? To spank the monkey, quite literally, by clicking on it with lightning-fast precision. The monkey will try to dodge your clicks, making it a challenge of timing, accuracy, and sheer speed.

As you progress through the levels, the mischievous monkey becomes increasingly elusive, darting around the screen with acrobatic finesse. To add to the excitement, you'll encounter various power-ups and obstacles that keep you on your toes. Will you be quick enough to outsmart the monkey's antics and achieve a high score?


  • Fast-paced and addictive gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours.
  • Hilarious animations and sound effects that add a touch of humor to every spank.
  • Increasingly challenging levels that will test your reflexes and agility.
  • Power-ups and obstacles that provide strategic depth to the gameplay.
  • A leaderboard to compete with friends and players worldwide, proving who the ultimate monkey-spanker is.

Spank the Monkey is the perfect game to unleash your inner speedster while indulging in some good-natured, laugh-out-loud fun. So, sharpen your reflexes, keep an eye on that mischievous monkey, and see if you can claim the title of the ultimate monkey spanker in this zany and entertaining online adventure!