Salty's Sunday Night: Zesty

Salty's Sunday Night: Zesty

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Salty's Sunday Night: Zesty


Salty's Sunday Night: Zesty is an online game that takes the original Friday Night Funkin' mod Salty's Sunday Night and remixes it to create a new and exciting experience. Released in 2021, this game is perfect for those who love rhythm games and want a fresh challenge.

Like the original Salty's Sunday Night mod, Salty's Sunday Night: Zesty follows the story of Salty, a young man who wants to win the heart of his girlfriend, Sunday. To do this, he must defeat her father in a series of musical battles. However, in this new version of the game, the music and the characters have been remixed to give it a new and unique feel.

The gameplay in Salty's Sunday Night: Zesty is similar to the original mod. Players must press the arrow keys in time with the music to win the battle. However, the difficulty level has been increased, and the music has been remixed to make it more challenging.

The game features five songs, each with its own unique style and difficulty level. Players must complete all five songs to win the game. The graphics have also been updated to give the game a fresh and modern look.


One of the best things about Salty's Sunday Night: Zesty is its unique features. The game features a new character, Zesty, who is Salty's cousin. Zesty is a DJ and will help Salty with his battles by remixing the music in real-time.

Players can also customize their gameplay experience by selecting from three different difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. This allows players of all skill levels to enjoy the game.

In addition, Salty's Sunday Night: Zesty features a multiplayer mode. Players can compete against each other online to see who can get the highest score. This adds a new level of excitement to the game and makes it even more fun to play.


If you're a fan of rhythm games, you won't want to miss Salty's Sunday Night: Zesty. This high-effort remixed version of the Friday Night Funkin' mod Salty's Sunday Night is a great way to experience the game in a new and exciting way. With updated graphics, remixed music, and new features like Zesty and multiplayer mode, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours. So what are you waiting for? Get your arrow keys ready and start battling!